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Prof. M. McGonagall's Journal

Monday, October 20, 2003

11:20AM - Disturbed

I am most disappointed in the lack of comment regarding the ruling of the Ministry on the deaths of the Weasleys. There are many I thought would condemn the decision. And some I thought would praise it.

Perhaps most are in agreement.

This is most disturbing.

Current mood: disappointed

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Monday, October 6, 2003

10:58AM - Skepticism

I cannot say I am in any way in agreement with the Ministry's findings regarding the Weasley family.

Arthur Weasley was an excellent and cautious wizard. His main interest in muggle artificats was the collection of them, not the enchanting of them.

If there is anything I can do for any of the Weasley family, I hope none will hesitate to ask.

Current mood: discontent

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Monday, September 29, 2003

9:08AM - Sadness

I am truly saddened by the deaths of Molly and Arthur Weasley, and their sons Bill and George. It is unfortunate for the entire wizarding world to lose such good people.

The vigil was heartrending. It also showed how loved the family was. Whatever could be said about their financial situation, there was an abundance of love and friendship in that family.

My deepest condolances go to all of the family. If ever you need anything, know that you can call on Minerva McGonagall.

Current mood: sad

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Tuesday, September 9, 2003

10:47PM - Going too far

It appears I spoke too soon. No sooner do I question the quiet around Hogwarts than I find this.

Potter Pool

I am outraged by this. It is bad enough the poor lad has had such troubles with V. But to make sport of it in this fashion goes too far!

It is lucky for those who find this sort of thing funny that it was not yet signed. However, if I find out who started this abomination, then Mr. Filch will finally get to use some of the punishments he has so missed!

Current mood: irate

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9:12AM - The Quiet

It has been most quiet around Hogwarts lately. Are the students actually involved in their studies? Have our seventh years finally grown to understand the need to apply themselves before it's time to do their NEWTS?

I look forward to Professor Trelawney's return. On the positive side, the Divination classes are actually learning something. Though I may not possess what Sibyl would call 'The Eye', I certainly know the theoretical aspects of Divination, and under my tutulage, so are the students. It is not enough to say "Analyze your dream with that book." It is important to explain why dream analysis is considered to have value. Why some items in dreams are importantd and others are not. I dare say Miss Brown and Miss Patil are most upset with my teaching methods. And most clearly not looking forward to Friday's exam.

Current mood: restless

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Monday, August 11, 2003

7:27AM - Deeply Upset

Professor Dumbledore informed me today that Professor Trelawney will be away until October!

That is a month in which he expects me to help teach Divination. Merlin's Beard! Teach Divination!

On the positive side, he has decided that, since it will be for a month, or more, that more teachers should assist in the teaching of Trelawney's class. I believe he's managed to rope Sprout into helping already.

I wonder if he'll ask Binns? That could be a very interesting class... Divination taught by a ghost.

I must say, it is rather amusing...what if he asked Snape?

I have decided to stay at Hogwarts. I had been offered two positions elsewhere. One at Beauxbatons and one, with a guarantee of becoming Headmistress, at New Salem.

However, Hogwarts has been my school since I was a student, and I couldn't bear the thought of leaving.

I must visit Diagon Alley, and make sure they have the proper supplies for my class. Flourish and Blotts did make a mistake once, and I was stuck trying to teach Transfiguration to students who'd studied Transmutation.

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Friday, August 1, 2003

9:57AM - Choices

It is a hard choice I must make. The pros and cons are almost even. But could I do it? Should I do it? There are ties I would have to cut. Would that be as hard as it seems…or as easy as it seems?

With the new term fast approaching, it is not a decision I can leave to linger. Nor do I have the option of letting it resolve itself. It is not a situation that will resolve itself, I fear. But it does not make the decision making any easier.

I will be in Diagon Alley next week. Perhaps I can discuss the matter with certain friends there, and thereby make a solid choice. Still, I foresee some long nights lost in thought over the matter.

While in Diagon Alley, I must make sure to visit Madame Malkin's. The service at Fleur's Shop in Hogsmeade is appalling at best. I want to have a few new robes for the new term. Especially as it is likely to be a cold winter, and my winter robes are wearing a bit then these days. But perhaps I should wait to shop until after I have spoken with my friends. I may not need quite the robes I think, depending on my decision.

I will have to ponder the matter further.

Current mood: anxious

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Friday, July 18, 2003

5:09PM - Disgraceful!

The goings on of some of our students is disgraceful. And in public!

The Slytherin Parkinson and Hufflepuff Corner petting and kissing in the Three Broomsticks. Quite disgraceful!

That kind of behavior is not for public display. And at their ages, it shouldn't be for private display either.

I would speak to Professor Snape about his student, but I know it would do know good. A Slytherin who corrupts other students is practically lauded. But I will discuss Mr. Corner's behavior with Professor Sprout. As she would understand, it must be nipped in the bud!

Current mood: Outraged

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

12:44PM - News

I received an owl from Miss Granger today. She thanked me for sending on some books she'd forgotten, as well as a copy of Transfiguration Today. She is, as always, involved in another project, and she fears her friends will be quite upset at her lack of communication. I know, of course, that when she returns from the realm of knowledge, she'll be as close to them as ever.

I had another article published in Transfiguration Today. I'm hoping it will be well received. I'm nearing the end of a large project myself, which may lead me to the Order of Merlin.

I have begun preparing my letters to send by owl. New term is fast approaching, after all.

Current mood: busy

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Monday, July 14, 2003

12:45PM - Dear me

Professor Dumbledore informed me today that Professor Trelawney might be late for the start of term. Apparently, she may have the opportunity to make a presentation at a large conference or two of divination specialists.

The disturbing part is he asked that, should she be late, I teach Divination Class until her return!

I asked why not he, and he said he knew I was better versed in the methodology of divination than he. He also indicated that, if need be, he would take one of my Transfiguration classes. I cannot deny he would do fine at that. He was my Transfiguration teacher and my predecessor.

Still...That I might have to teach Divination for a few weeks...

Current mood: anxious

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

9:27AM - Summer break

The quiet is settling over Hogwarts now. Most of the students have left. Some of the staff have already immersed themselves in summer projects.

It is interesting to note which students are staying in the area, or the school itself. In all honesty, I would not have expected some of them to remain. Still, it's not like there will be a sudden rush of joviality or sing-a-longs.

I had brief words with Miss Granger. We rather had to pry her from the library, so involved was she on her project. Still, her parents were eager to see her. However, as she took several books with her, I'm not sure how much conversation they'll be able to have with her, either.

As I dictate this to my computer, I am petting dear little Mochi. Miss Brown had to leave her rabbit for a few weeks, and I am finding the little one to be so delightful. I daresay if Mochi could purr, there would be loud rumbles from her. I have enjoyed several long conversations with Mochi as well. Magic is such a wonderful thing, if one wishes to understand the language of animals.

I do admit, Mochi did escape her cage that first day. I transformed into my cat form and sniffed her out. We chatted for a bit, I as a cat, she as bunny-self. She was bored. Exploring had been a touch of fun. I suggested a game of chase the rabbit. To my amusement, Mochi flashed her teeth in a rabbit grin, swiped a paw across my nose, and the game began!

Quite a spirited rabbit. But now, she's nestled quiet and happily in my lap, near to dozing.

Current mood: content

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Friday, June 13, 2003

2:21PM - Young love

It seems romance is striking Hogwarts again. Mind you, I would not have envisioned Miss Tracey Davis with Mr. Gregory Goyle, yet it is not out of the question. They are both of Slytherin House, of course, and perhaps it is the proximity.

I also find it intriguing that Professor Snape seems to be having trouble with intruders. I recall that he's had spell components stolen in the past, but perhaps he had not yet learned a lesson.

Pacman, however, does surprise me. I would have thought Severus a bit less frivolous in his entertainments.

I must remember to visit Diagon Alley. I need to refresh some of my own spell ingredients, as well as see about some deliveries.

Current mood: pensive

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Wednesday, June 4, 2003

11:38AM - A melancholy mood

It has been so quiet at Hogwarts lately. The term is coming to a close, which I always find saddening. In truth, Hogwarts is lonely in the summer months. Most of the staff stay, but are involved in their various disciplines. Pomona rarely ventures away from her precious plants during the growing season. Severus will practice with his potions. And so on...

This isn't to say I won't be working. There are invitations to prepare for the next term. Forms and paperwork for graduation, the Ministry, and more. And, of course, my own work on Transfiguration. My current project might lead to the Order of Merlin. But that might just be a dream.

It's just that it's so quiet. Much of the camaraderie leaves with the students. Certainly, as hard as it is to keep my Tower in line, there is a pleasure in it.

On the positive side, it seems some of my students took my words to heart and have made enough effort that they might actually pass. Might.

Still...I do not look forward to the loneliness.

Current mood: melancholy

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Sunday, May 11, 2003


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Current mood: Delighted

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Friday, May 2, 2003

11:53AM - I am at a loss...

I have done some discrete checking. All of the students, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or otherwise, whom I even remotely entertained the thought of being capable and desirous of harming Mr. James have no way of having done so.

I can only hope that such an event does not occur again. I continue to hope that other investigations will prove more fruitful than my own.

Current mood: tired

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Thursday, May 1, 2003

9:32PM - My concern rises...

I've done some more research. Either we have a Trioc in the school, which is unlikely, as they are both extremely rare and they aren't large enough to attract Hagrid's attention, or it is between a few students.

Both are Slytherin, I am afraid. Yet I am not so certain as to wish to discuss this with either Severus or Albus yet. I am thinking it is either a seventh year student working on their own, or a fifth year student... If it is the fifth year, they are wielding another's power.

The seventh year seems most likely, only in that he seems so much like Tom Riddle was when he was with us... Yet, I dare not accuse the student for reminding me of a younger V.

Part of the problem is that Mr. James was so relatively unknown. He was known to have few contacts outside of his immediate House. He had irritated a few Slytherins, including the two I've pondered, though I struggle with the fact that his offenses were so mild, to have brought such a powerful curse. He managed to truly infuriate three Ravenclaw students, but they were all third years, beneath the power level. Plus, they enacted their retribution already, mostly with a series of cutting insults which took him three days to understand. So far as I know, only a few Gryffindors have even met him, mostly passing in the halls.

So, I must confess that I am currently stumped. Unless V is involved, I am not sure how Mr. James was so cursed.

I will continue my examination of the matter when I have time. I must prepare my lessons for the next week.

Current mood: pensive

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11:08AM - Dark thoughts...

Madame Pomfrey spoke to me about Mark James, the Hufflepuff struck with the confundus charm. I also spoke with Professor Sprout, head of Hufflepuff House.

I cannot deny, I am concerned. Events like this are cause for concern. Students in the past years have been struck by strange curses, terrifying events, and even death. And again, I think Slytherin.

Now, before my colleague takes me to task for accusing Slytherin, I have no particular idea as to who might be involved.

...Well, that's not quite true. I have a strong idea, and it is the reason for my concern. Is this the start of another series of attacks by V?

And it is that thought that draws me to think about Slytherin. Tom was a Slytherin. Ambitious and quick, as befit his house. Yet he was a good student. We never suspected what he would become. Were there signs we missed? Are there signs we are missing now?

Some might ask why I think Slytherin, and not another house. My primary reason is because I am thinking of Tom and his transformation to V. And the fact that He has struck Hogwarts in many ways before.

But even beyond that, such a spell as confundus is not the way of most of the Houses. Hufflepuffs would be unlikely to attack one of their own, known as they are for their Loyalty. Ravenclaws would be more likely to use more clever ways. Confundus is a heavy handed charm. And those in Gryffindor... To be honest, I think they would be more likely to use the methods favored by the Weasley Twins, rather than something as straightforward as confundus.

I do not believe any current Hogwarts student, Slytherin or otherwise, is responsible for the attack on Mr. James. I fear that this is the start of another sally by V. I pray I am wrong.

Current mood: Concerned

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

9:43AM - Oh my...

As Professor Dumbledore has been a little busy of late, I've been doing some checking for him. Looking into various rooms, seeing what resources we have hidden away, or what treasures we've utterly forgotten about.

I was walking along one corridor when I saw Peeves. I was in no mood to deal with our Poltergeist Pest, but he actually seemed to be summoning me, waving me nearer.

This is NOT like Peeves. I pulled out my wand, wondering what he had in mind.

"No guilt, no guilt!" he cried, as I came nearer. "But the smell is reaching the afterlife! It's bothering poor Peeves, and the Bloody Baron has threatened Peeves..." He drifted through a door.

The smell? I gave a cautious sniff, and there was a hideous odor. It reminded me of the time a small beastie had crawled into Hagrid's coat before expiring. It had been awhile before he'd noticed, dear man.

I opened the door. Tis fortunate I am of strong constitution, for the stench was immense. I could well believe Peeves claim that the smell was drifting into the senses of the ghosts. Though Peeves had, of course, now vanished.

It was an old, disused classroom. I remembered when we shut it down, and noted the scorchmarks still upon the ceiling and furnishings. But in the center of the room was a small pile of cloth. I approached, hesitantly. Was this a new creature Hagrid was sheltering? I used a magic to shift some of the cloth.

Socks! Yes, socks. I think a few had Slytherin markings, but, in all honesty, I did not decide to check further. The smell was starting to be overwhelming. That which I had sniffed outside the door was far, far worse in the closed confinement of the classroom.

I magically sifted the socks, to ensure there was no live creature, nor anything of true value. Then a quick incineration spell, followed by an air cleaning spell, and the mess was gone.

I think Peeves has learned a lesson, however. I think he will be more cautious what he steals next time.

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Monday, April 28, 2003

12:54PM - Ponderings

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Sunday, April 27, 2003

9:58PM - Distressing...

I am apalled, once more, at the ineptitude at the Ministry. Once again, some imbecile at the Ministry of Magic is pestering me to register as an animagus. He says that being able to transform requires registration, that it is not mere transfiguration, and he cites endless examples. What must I do to get things through their thick-headed skulls? I've been registered since I was 15!

Now, I must fill out, once more time, oodles of paperwork to explain the concept of magic to them again.

Plus, Severus has been haranguing my first year Gryffindors. There are times I so wish I could transform his precious beakers and cauldrons into something more painful.

Perhaps it is simply stress that causes me to think in such angry terms. Many of my sixth year students are paying little attention to their lessons. But Transfiguration is a precise art, not like Divination. And, more importantly, it is required coursework. There is a large section of the OWLs dedicated to Transfiguration. It could be said to be one of the basics of magic. And yet so many of my students are drifting along, uncaring. Some of it, I know, is hormones. Young loves, young hates. But other of them...I do not understand. And they've only one more year here at Hogwarts. If they do not pay more attention, they will damage their futures! There are several, in fact, in danger of failing my class altogether. Although I'm sure Mr. Lucius Malfoy will attend to at least one failure in his usual way. I've already received one owl from him, pointing out the necessity that his son pass. My reply was quite to the point. His son will pass if he will simply apply himself! He cannot expect Severus and his father to bail him out.

I am yet hopeful that a few of my students will take advantage of my posted office hours to gain a greater understanding of the tasks they must surmount in order to pass. Sadly, few have shown up in the past. Even Ms. Grainger's latest efforts seem a bit less than her usual... It does make me worry.

Current mood: annoyed

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